Sound Proofing

Whether you are after a full custom sound proof, or a small enhancement of a single part of your vehicle, we do it all on our premises.
We carry the Car Builders, Stinger, Dynamat, DynaXorb and Focal brand of quality soundproofing for your vehicle needs. 
You can purchase it in a BULK Pack or smaller kits specifically for speakers, doors, roof, floor, your boot or THE LOT.
The product can be applied to any interior sheet metal or fiberglass surface to reduce noise, eliminate distortion, road noise and even to reduce the heat in your vehicle.


Focal B.A.M sound proofing is now available is various sizes.
Can be purchased in a single sheet, ready for application and cutting to size, or smaller packs of pre-cut pieces.




toolsthCar Builders Pack. This pack will cover up to 1.8sqM.
Consists of: 12 Pieces – (50cm x 30cm)
Is self adhesive and eliminates body noise and heat.

We also have application tools for sale if you want to DIY.



Dynamat – Xtreme Bulk Pack. Similar to the Stinger RoadKill pack, covers 3.3sqM and consists of: 9 Pieces – (46cm x 81cm).



Dynamat - Xtreme Door Kit
Consists of 4 pieces (30cm x 91cm) which will cover 1.1sqM.
The product is a peel & stick one, and should be applied to eliminate door rattles and speaker distortion.

Dynamat - Xtreme Trunk Kit
Comes in a pack of 5 pieces (46cm x 81cm) covering 1.9sqM. It is used to decrease road noise.

Dynamat - Xtreme Wedge Pack
Consists of 1 piece of sound proofing - (46cm x 81cm) which will cover 0.37sqM and is used to eliminate door/panel rattles.


DynaXorb – Speaker Pack
Consists of: 2 Pieces – (15cm x 15cm) for 2 Speakers and eliminates back wave interference.

DynaXorb – Sub Pack
Comes in 8 pieces (15cm x 15cm) Covers: 0.2sqM
Eliminates back wave distortion. Made for back wall of subwoofer enclosures.





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