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Roof Mount Screens

PKGRSE3HDMIthAvailable in 10 - 13" roof mount screen with built-in DVD.
Has 1 AUX inputs, 1 AUX output, built-in FM modulator, remote control, and IR transmitter for headphones. 2 x IR wireless headphones. 



HiTV PackThese 9" - 11" LCD screens come pre-fitted into stylish headrests. They are made to order and are colour matched to your vehicle's interior upholstery trim. Each headrest contains a DVD player (in the headrest) enabling the user to view different movies on each screen (great for multiple passengers!) These also come with wireless headphones and support USB sticks and SD cards, and come with a FM modulator.

Each headrest has the DVD input under the flip-up screen or via side insert.  Now also available with Smart TV.

These headrests are also available as a "clip-on" verison for mounting to the back of your existing headrest should you have an active/airbag equipped headrest.

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