Accessories for your vehicle

BDL can offer you anything from vehicle sound proofing, reverse cameras, antennas, wiring, LED vehicle lighting, to subwoofer enclosures, mobile phone cradles, and iPod cables to name just a few.


cobaltWe can supply and install other gadgets such as speedo, fuel, water temp gauges sourced from our trading partners.

Come in with your project car and discuss your options.  We are more than happy to assist.

Reverse Cameras

cobaltWe can supply and install a reverse camera onto your car, caravan, motorhome, or horse float.

If you are changing your factory stereo and already have a reverse camera, we may also be able to retain that for you without replacing it.  

Come in with your project vehicle and discuss your options.  We are more than happy to assist.

iPhone Adapters

Available for most current head units on the market.  They will give you quick and full iPod connectivity through your head unit (full-speed connectivity is dependant on the feature in the head unit).

Have a browse through the sub menus for more information on sound proofing, antennas & wiring.

LED Lighting

Perfect for show cars, or to simply make life easier when accessing your vehicle at night. We can custom mount LED lighting inside, outside or even under your vehicle for that unique look.







Lights are available in various shapes and sizes, can be of a single colour, or mult coloured (alternating colours & flashing).

We are able to suggest what will suit your vehicle best, so pop in for a quote.

They are also available in waterproof casing for use under the vehicle.


Mobile Phone Holders

APH320thAPMMDASHthNeed a mobile phone holder for your car?  We can supply and fit one for you.  They come in various types & sizes and are universal with either a suction mount or adhesive/magnetic mount.

Sound Processor

Sound improvement is HERE ! How you can improve sound in your vehicle….

pxah800The Alpine PXA-H800 is a Car Stereo sound processor that has the ability to make every stereo go from great to amazing. We have used this processor in 5 cars now, from the full out install like the VW Passat, to one car that only had a speaker and sub upgrade. Now while it didn’t sound bad it just lacked the tuning required to make it sound amazing that the Alpine PXA-H800 can provide. The best example would be that it is like having the best engine in the world but if you have the worst engine management system and a tune that is not right then the motor won’t perform to its best.

This also applies to car audio, it needs to be tuned correctly and the Alpine PXA-H800 has the ability to do this.

This is BDL’s most favourite Sound Processor on the market at the moment and would recommend one to everyone. 

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Subwoofer Enclosures

boxAvailable to purchase ready made, or custom made to fit your vehicle.  The ready made boxes come standard in black or grey carpet finish, and are available in various sizes from 8" to 15".  They are also available for slim fit subs and where space is an issue in your vehicle, such as in utes.

Custom made boxes are available in carpet, vinyl, or paint finish to match your vehicle interior and/or upholstery.  Come in and see us for a custom quote.





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