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Coax Speakers

165acFrom 4” - 6.5" coax speakers will fit most cars and are available in multiple sizes.

Contact us with you car specifications for a custom quote for your make/model of vehicle.

Splits Speakers - competition

Focal No.7 KitFocal No.7 KitNow these are for true audiophiles wanting the best there is to offer. This 3-way set is made by hand in France, and features a tweeter made from Beryllium (harder and lighter than titanium). The crossover block allows for 4480 different passive adjustments and the speakers themselves use rare earth magnets. These are the ultimate in car audio. A similar set of home speakers by JM lab cost close to $80,000. These retail for just under $5000, but we can negotiate the price!
Power: 100 watt, MAX power handling 200 watt RMS. Extended 3 year warranty with our installation.

Splits Speakers

ps165fxSplits are component speakers with separate tweeters and crossovers.

We have many sizes available.  Contact us with your vehichle specifications for a custom quote.

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