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Mini Me

This Daihatsu Handi underwent major modifications! A total hand remodeling of the body, and a sound overkill inside set this “experiment” apart from the competition. Our aim was to see what could be fitted into a confined space and we achieved just that. A total of 16 x 12” Eclipse subwoofers were squeezed into the back and floor of the car! Mini Me had a little over 2160 watts RMS running through it’s amazing system. For those of you who are interested in how it all worked together, click on the schematic link .


R.I.P. Jan 2006-Oct 2009.

Mini_Me_2 Mini_Me_5 Mini_Me_6 Mini_Me_8
Mini_me_13 Mini_me_14 Mini_me_16 Mini_me_18
Mini_me_19 Mini_me_20 Mini_me_21 minime_3

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