Fully Automatic

antfullautoGo up and down when you turn the car on and off and can be made to suit many types of cars even if you don’t currently have an automatic antenna.


antmanualThe most common antenna which just simply pulls up and down and is mounted on the roof, on the guard, or rear quarter panel.

Marine Antenna

antmarineDesigned to be water proof and rust proof and are normally white in colour to blend into the colour scheme of most boats. Marine antennas are made for AM/FM radio and UHF/ CB radios.

Mast & Rope Antennas

antmastropeIs the name given to the inside part of a semi automatic and fully automatic antenna and can be replaced at about half the cost of replacing the whole antenna motor.   The most common problem and the reason for replacing one is because they are left up when going through an automatic car wash.

Mobile Phone Antennas

antmobilephoneCan be mounted on the glass or on the bull-bar. The bull-bar mount offers a bigger gain over the smaller on glass but even the on glass is better than having no external antenna at all in those remote areas.

Roof Mount

antroofmountAre mounted on the roof and give very good AM reception and even better FM reception. They are a replacement for most European car antennas or any car that has the antenna in the glass. Inglass antennas are badly affected by window tint despite what window tinters and car dealerships tell you. Out of all the different types of antennas this is by far the best solution we provide.

Semi Automatic

antsemiautomaticAre similar to a fully automatic antenna, but have an extra button to make it go up and down and to set it to any height you desire. Great for cars with height issues, for example getting under trees and under garage doors.


antshortDo you have a long antennas mounted on the roof and have a habit of forgetting to retract it before heading in for a carwash or find yourself cathing the end of the antenna on garage doors?  This shortened verision will help you avoid a mast snap.

Approx. 20cm in length (9 inches).

Stealth (Hidden)

antstealthThese go under the dashboard so you can’t see them. Great for show cars or for people how don’t want to put a hole in the guard.

TV Tuner

anttvtunerThese are recommended for people who have TV reception in their vehicle. We have replacement antennas for most brands of in-car TV tuners available in many different mounting styles.


antuhfThese are made for your UHF and CB radios that mount on the bulbar or on the side of the bonnet. They come in various sizes and shapes. We also have brackets to suits many types of cars and 4WD vehicles to mount these antennas from.

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