Parrot MKi9200

mki9200The bluetooth MKi9200 works in a similar way to the MKi9100.  This kit comes with the adapters to charge your smartphone and other portable music devices while you're driving and has a larger colour display. 

You can connect two phones simultaneously with Dual Mode, automatically synchronise your contacts, use voice recognition, launch a spoken list of the names in your contact list, manage your contacts (up to 2,000 per telephone) and access your call history.  Can also connect to iPod, USB, and SD Card via supplied cables.

Pairing: up to 10 phones is possible, maximum of 8000 contacts in total (for all paired phones).
Screen: 72 x 57 x 12 mm, 38 g - Detachable colour TFT 2.4’’ screen
Remote: 52 x 36 x 26 mm, 14 g


Tags: Hands Free



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