BDL can supply and fit hands free kits into your vehicle, and we also source spare parts for all Parrot kits. The kits are on display and can be tested before we install one for you.

Parrot CK3100


The CK3100 bluetooth hands free kit is the most popular one requested to date as it is easy to operate.  The display allows you to identify who is calling and enables you to search through the menus just as if you were using your mobile phone.  It can be integrated through your car stereo which will mute the music when in use.  The display is mounted within a hands reach so you can easily answer or make a call.  Your phone remains in your pocket or hand bag.  This kit does not charge your phone when in use.


Parrot MKi9200

mki9200The bluetooth MKi9200 works in a similar way to the CK3100, however it is made with the iPhone in mind. It is more advanced as it will also charge your iPhone or iPod, and is designed for smartphones, PDAs, USB and SD cards. This kit comes with the adapters to charge your iPhone and other portable music devices while you're driving and has a larger colour display. When installed, it comes with a separate small panel to control the menus.




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